Indian Streets

Streets of India

Auto Rickshaw for easy transportation:

Traditional rickshaw for a slower ride:

Scenic view of Delhi streets:

The Old Kwality Restaurant in Delhi. Memories from the sixties:

Worth a big Kingfisher Beer:

The famous old pub on the corner near Regal Cinema. It was Bobby’s in the 1960s, and an infamous disco. Became a sports bar. But still surviving.

Delhi Scene: Losing some elegance.

Cars have taken over. One saw mostly Hindustan Ambassadors in the sixties. Now traffic jams.

Still selling books on the street in the same place where I bought my paper backs in the 1960s. And mostly bootlegged.

The Easy way: Roll it

Modernization: India opened to imports after the 1980s.

The old Hindustan Ambassador, a classic. Sadly, no longer produced in India.

Clumsy but reliable. Having one in the sixties probably put one in the top one percent in India. 

Take me to your Guru.

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