Auto Rickshaw in Banaras (Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh

Now it is Varanasi everywhere, it seems, but it used to be called Banaras. The university there is still called Banaras Hindu University.

One thing for sure, the streets are jammed with too much traffic, which is a major virus of Indian cities today. 

From the back seat

Complete Traffic Chaos

Humping Through

Bicycles just mix up with the traffic

Every Hour, Rush Hour

Common Man’s Transport

Getting stuck in the middle of a Buffalo Herd.

They have the right of way.

Bovinity: Sharing the holy city with the cows


Set to Go

Old Traditional Pedal Rickshaws; Still on the Roads

Plenty of Scooters

Stream of Traffic

Jammed in Small Spaces. Not the One Percent

The man who saw the future in the 1850s.

The cash nexus rules the world.


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