Sipping Beer and Pushing Film in Basmane

Basmane is a historical part of Izmir. The old hotels near the railway station, where back packers used to stay, have mostly fallen into disrepair. There are some better hotels closer to Kemeralti as one walks down Anafartalar Caddesi. Now the area has an influx of Syrians. Many of them have taken over shops in the area. There are also some Africans who have started living in the area recently. It is a very traditional area. Up the steep hill to the east, one can climb up to Kadafekale at the top of the hill. It is an interesting walk and colorful for photography.

I try to show the life on the street with black and white photography. I like to use ISO 400 film. In this case, I have pushed it two stops to ISO 1600. I develop the film in my dark room and scan it. 

Cagdas Pub (Contemporary Bira and Kebab Salonu) is a place where one can have a beer with the locals along Anafartalar Caddesi. The locals are friendly, more so after a few beers and welcome foreigners. They will tell you that “it is all the same shit”. It is a good philosophy. However, some of the old timers are a little over the hill. For the young, one has to head to the other side of town in Alsancak.

Three Men

Street, Late Afternoon

Some kids on the street

Small Restaurant

Street Scene

Late Afternoon Low Sun

Evening Falling


Homeward Bound

Gypsy Woman


More of Same


Young Women, Somewhat Traditional Dress

And Carts

Not exactly travel, as I live in the city. But Basmane is a fascinating place to visit for tourists. Most do not get so far off the beaten track. The old ruins of Agora are just next to this area off Esrafpasa Caddesi. A great place for photography. It is a safe area and people will not mind tourists. 





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