America’s Antiquated Passenger Trains

This is a nice video on the Amtrak Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles. The US is a great country for high speed rail. But the technology has been totally neglected compared to Europe, Japan, and even Turkey. Turkey now has high-speed rail, building more. I just rode the trains in Poland. Most trains are not high-speed, but are beautiful trains, leaving from the beautiful large stations in Warsaw and Krakow continuously. These trains are quiet and very comfortable. And popular. Italy has beautiful high-speed trains.

Just imagine how easily high speed trains could be built in the vast space of the USA. And imagine how popular fast and efficient travel would be. So civilized being able to live comfortably, eat and sleep on the way in comfort. A fraction of the US military spending would build a wonderful system. I guess Americans never think of that, for the most part. That country just keeps spending hundreds of billions of dollars on wars and producing havoc around the world.

Don’t tell me that it cannot be done in America. All the US has to do is find out how any European country does it. Or Japan. Or even Turkey! That is the truth, and Americans should be honest enough to admit it. It is shameful to see these old antiquated trains that pass for passenger trains in the USA! The US is showing its failure to the world on Youtube.

I love Amtrak and used to travel on it a lot, but now the US needs to try to catch up with the rest of the world with a high-speed rail system! Of course, the state (Government) must be willing to put up the money to build a new infrastructure just for fast passenger trains. This will be safer as they will not be mixed up with freight trains on the track. They need not try to come up to Japanese speeds. Half that speed would revolutionize travel in the US! A couple of hundred miles an hour would be a start. The Japanese can show the US how to do it, if they cannot figure it out.

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