Bob Woodward

2 thoughts on “Bob Woodward

  1. Woodwards ‘book’ is easily the worst book I have ever read. It has no literary merit whatsoever and as a commentary on Trumpism in America it is like a verbal soap opera. It is composed of transcripts of discussions, many of them meaningless – there to fill in the book. Woodward does describe character – as caricatures. He loves Mad Dog Mattis – ramrod straight and humble. “Mattis looked directly at Trump. “We need to change what we are doing,” he said. “It can’t be a war of attrition. It must be a war of annihilation.” Trump loved the concept’. Mattis on McCain: ‘”No, Mr President, said Mattis quickly. “I think you’ve got it reversed.” McCain turned down early release and had been brutally tortured and held five years in the Hanoi Hilton.’ In reality McCain made more than thirty propaganda broadcasts for China. He was known to other POW’s as the ‘Songbird’. On Obama: ‘A ground invasion would trigger a North Korean response, likely with nuclear weapons. This was unthinkable to Obama. In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in 2009 he said. “War promises human tragedy.” and “War at some level is an expression of human folly.” Woodwood failed to add that Obama had an even greater kill count than the brutal George H W Bush, that he had vilified Gaddafi, destabilised Libya, had Gaddafi lynched, vilified President Assad of Syria, recruited, trained, equipped and paid ISIS to slaughter Syrians and began the genocidal war in Yemen with Saudi Arabia – apart from standing down a rescue team of Navy Seals resulting in the torture and assassination of Ambassador Stevens and his staff at Benghazi. Woodward quotes Lindsay Graham: “And the next 9/11 is coming from where the first was. This must mean that Dick Cheney will be preparing to demolish another Twin Towers with thermite and pretend it was caused by Islamic terrorists flying planes into the walls and out the other side. This is a soap in words. It’s about characterizations, not real people. Woodward is one of the characters he eulogises. I think he tried to write a romance about US exceptionalism and entitlement surrounded by Rex Tillerson of Exxon, the disgusting profane Steve Bannon, Gary Cohn, President of Goldman Sachs, the Mafia’s Rudy Giuliani, as if it was all right and proper instead of a comic opera. I don’t think he meant to pillory Trump, but it just happened because it couldn’t be avoided, so that Woodward’s Trump is a Napoleonic figure with flaws.

  2. Ken, that’s a great review of the book. I was thinking of buying the book but now am glad that I didn’t. I am sure that Woodward is going to make quite a lot of money on royalties on the book. It got a huge amount of publicity, which is what it takes to sell books. All of what you say in the review is exactly right and I am sure Woodward knows it. He has to as long as he has been in Washington. Thanks.

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