India Trip, Blog 5. January 8, 2020

Blog 5: January 8-9, 2020. Reflections in Delhi

11:00 Evening. About time that I should turn in, I suppose. But I do not feel tired nor sleepy.

It is amazing that I went to old Delhi that way today. I pictures. I hope that I get the hang of it. I think that I actually am. No loss so far.

I have to be out by 11:00 tomorrow. I will back to this hotel on 20th January. Amazing the way things transpire and it is not possible to not somehow get cought up in some of them.

I think I must be a lot different from my brother Mike, who never left the USA even once in his lifetime. He would not know what to do in a place like this.

Trump said “So far, so good.” (About Iran) That’s what the guy said when he jumped off a tall building on the way down! When they get in the big one, and it turns sour, then it will have to be another tune, just like in Iraq. I think that I only spent 2000 or so rupees in Delhi, maybe less, after paying for the hotel. I will see how they want me to pay in Lucknow. This is not big money, actually, anyhow.

1:45 AM January 9, Thursday. I think my body is still on Turkish time. It is 11:15 in Turkey. So I don’t go to sleep so soon. Also there is too much noise in this hotel. Guys talking and laughing. Walls are too thin. A down side, for sure. Well, I don’t really care.

I guess I’ll sleep. I really need to.

Today I came across a McDonalds down there in Old Delhi, near the Railway Station. Just the golden arches on the glass door. But it was the real thing. It had a few young people in it. Not very many. Amazing, but they cannot be serving beef there. Maybe they do vegetarian burgers or chicken. I don’t know.

I really wish this guy would shut up, anyway.

I knew that old street that was in Chandni Chowk, old Delhi. But it was quite dark between four and five o’clock. A person’s body does not adjust as fast when they are older. Anyway, I am glad that I do not have to go to a concerence, or something like that.

9 January 8:30 Morning. It is still cold in this room. Guess I’ll go down and get some breakfast. I hope that the weather improves some. Too much rain and dreary weather here the last couple of days.

9:30 Morning. Had a little breakfast. I will be out of here in a little over an hour. I really did not feel like taking a shower here in this quite cold room. So I have not done it.

I got up in the night before sleeping. It was after 2:00, and fixed that film, Fuji 200 color. I put it in a black film box. I can use it as long as I do take it out of the camera in the dark and keep it closed till I develop it. I don’t know when I will use it. I opened up the reel enough to find the loose end to load it into the camera. It should be quite OK, I hope. Anyway, it is not important. But it was bugging me, whether I could actually do it or not. I did it in the bathroom in complete dark. Now have to take a Trump. (Shit)

10:00 Morning. Packed up and ready to go. I will be out at 11:00 for a taxi to the airport. I think that there is plenty of time to catch the flight. It is probably easier than taking a train. I really did not have the ability to make such reservations.

News: 9 January 2020.

This morning, there is snow in the hills. Manali and places like that. Not surprising.

At JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). The police asked everybody to provide the information that they have on their cell phones, pictures and videos. I’m sure! Would one risk being arrested?

I certainly would not want to be doing that with the FBI in the USA. Where is the police intelligence? Why were they absent when that was going on? Then why would they take seriously information that they do not care about or were not allowed to observe? Smells wrong. I really do not believe that it passes the smell test , in my humble view.

Even if one was beaten up there, I am not sure that it would be a good idea to come forward with that sort of information. How can one trust the police. As a secularist one is suspect to the BJP government? No way! In my view.

In the USA, it looks like the deep state is really kicking in to get this war with Iran going. And why is it that this is the very time of year when they always start a war in the Middle East. Iraq was in March, if my memory is correct. So it is the same script, right up to the time of starting the war. They don’t want to wait for the heat of summer. Like taking a holiday. Same lines. Same phrases. Everything. Sending troops. Building up forces. Saying they want peace. Iran must stop Nuclear development. It was Trump who trashed that agreement with Iran. Can anybody remember that? Does anybody want to remember that? It just goes on. Shameful. I cannot take it. Time flies when one is having fun!

Tomorrow I will be off to Lucknow.

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