Retired professor living in Izmir, Turkey. Taught Political Science and International Relations for more than twenty five years in the United States, Turkey and North Cyprus. Author of more than 200 published articles and fourteen books. Writer, traveler and photographer. Traveled to more than 35 countries.

I am mostly using my Leica M6 TTL camera with a 35 mm Summarit 2.5 lens. I most often shoot with black and white film. I develop my own film and scan the negatives. I also make black and white prints. I develop black and white film with Kodak HC-110 developer. It is easy to develop using a one-shot process (1 to 63). I use Ilford HP5 plus black and white film and sometimes push it to 1600. Also use Kodak Tri-X film. However, Humza Rustem Photo shop in Kemeralti does not sell Kodak film. One can get it from Istanbul.

I also have a 7 Artisans 50 mm f 1.1 lens for my Leica.

Pictures posted on flickr.

I also use a Minolta SRT 101, a Zenit 12 XP and a Mamiya RB 67 Professional SD. The Zenit 12 XP is good for taking close-up pictures of wild flowers in the spring. The minolta works well with color film, with a 55 mm Rokkor lens, f 1.7. I have used the Minolta since 1972. I got some good results with 20-year old Agfa color film, that had expired.

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  1. Hello,

    I was a PCV in India in 1961. The workshop at GTC Batala was built for me in 1962.

    Did anyone mention me?

    I served from 1961 to 1963. I hold a PhD from UCSB.

    Please send me a reply email.

    Living now in Waikiki, Honolulu.

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