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Streets of Tarsus

Railway Station

Tarsus American College

Tarsus American College

Old House


Back Street

Tailor Muhammet

Small Pub




St. Paul’s Church

Saint Paul’s Church

Bilal Habesi Mosque

Street and Old Wall

Small Shop

Small Pub

In the Street

Beer Time


The Destruction of Iraq

This is what America does around the world. If the US was interested in spreading democracy, it would head for Mississippi. Hell, it might even head for Washington, DC. The oligarchy there could use a little democracy too. Not a chance in hell. The billions of dollars from the corporate oligarchs will keep on ruling the American people. The Koch Brothers are set to bribe Washington politicians to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in the upcoming election. Lobbying is nothing but a fancy word for bribery. 


And it Happened: John Bolton

It was speculated that John Bolton would be named US National Security Advisor after McMaster was fired by Trump. Now it has happened. Congratulations to all those who voted for Trump thinking he would get the US out of the business of global imperialism. Now the most hardcore neoliberal hawk has been brought into the White House. The Deep State is still in business.



US National Security Advisor: John Bolton?

Donald Trump will probably soon replace his national security advisor, McMaster. The leading candidate seems to be John Bolton. If Bolton becomes national security advisor, it might mean that the US would launch the next war against Iran.