Encounters With India


Encounters With India

by Eddie James Girdner

India, possibly the most fascinating and colorful country in the world, confronts one with a maze of kaleidoscopic images often confusing and contradictory:The clash of religion, politics, caste, gender, language, class, ideology, the ancient and modern, rural and urban, the conflation of sex with religion, the amazingly functioning anarchy of the Indian street, film star politicians and everything else under the sun. The most religious country in the world with possibly the greatest number of serious Marxists. How is one to understand the reality behind the images of such a country? Academics have tried, but Shiva just keeps on dancing.

Inspired by a Fulbright Trip to India in 1989. The characters in the story are fictional. Knowing somewhat more about India than I was supposed to know, I was somewhat of a skunk at the garden party.



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