Fair Winds


Fair Winds (A Novel)

Eddie J. Girdner 2015

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Partly autobiographical novel based upon my time in the United States Navy (1973-77). I was stationed aboard a tin can (destroyer escort), the USS Richard L. Page (FFG-5). The ship was built at Bath Main around l967. The ship was later leased to the Pakistan Navy for some years. When it came back to the US, it was sold for scrap.

I went to San Diego Naval Training Center for boot camp and sonar school. Later stationed aboard the Page in Athens, Greece, then Philadelphia and Norfolk, Virginia. Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises.

I am very fond of sea cruises, but not necessarily in the US Navy.


Chapter One: Temporary Insanity

Chapter Two: The Redneck

Chapter Three: Brutality

Chapter Four: The Grinder

Chapter Five: Marching Party

Chapter Six: Father

Chapter Seven: Captain’s Mast

Chapter Eight: Sherry

Chapter Nine: Punjab

Chapter Ten: Simla

Chapter Eleven: Ringo Bar

Chapter Twelve: Naples

Chapter Thirteen: Underway

Chapter Fourteen: Reggio Calabria

Chapter Fifteen: Ravi

Chapter Sixteen: Coming to America

Chapter Seventeen: Navy Cop

Chapter Eighteen: Virginia Beach

Chapter Nineteen: Mayport

Chapter Twenty: Oklahoma, OK

Chapter Twenty-One: Francis

Chapter Twenty-Two: Incompatible

Chapter Twenty-Three: Gitmo

Chapter Twenty-Four: Haiti

Chapter Twenty-Five: Chillicothe

Chapter Twenty-Six: Morning Glory

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Newport

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Key West

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Old Home Place

Chapter Thirty: Northwest Passage

Chapter Thirty-One: Purple Mountain Majesty

Chapter Thirty-Two: Good Samaritan

Chapter Thirty-Three: Fuck-Up Division

Chapter Thirty-Four: Istanbul

Chapter Thirty-Five: Freedom