Luxor, Egypt: Street Life and Ancient Monuments

Horse Carriage to Center of City

The lovely smell of the South End of a Northbound Horse 

Arriving in the Bazaar

Small Shop Shilling for Orange Soda

Marketing 101, Egyptian Style

Deep inside the Bazaar

Buying Grains


Young Man Tending his Shop

Donkey Cart

Sheep Grazing the Street

Ancient Luxor Monuments

 Ruins of Ancient Luxor Temple

Columns of an Ancient Temple


Bernie Sander’s Town Hall

Bernie Sander’s Town Hall Meeting on inequality in America is on Youtube- BuzzFeedNews. The whole program is there. I have posted it here too. One can easily see why US Corporate TV would not show this program to American viewers. The issues discussed are far too important to be addressed by US corporations and the corporate media .They would never want the American people to understand these things about the US capitalist system and the US system of corporate and political oligarchy. The  US has a system of stock holder capitalism which does not provide the benefits to the people of European style stake holder capitalism where the worker has a say in running the business.  

Fifteen Years Since US Invasion of Iraq

My book on the War and US Occupation.

It turns out that my predictions about the future were not far off. The US is still in Iraq. Conflict between the Sunnis and Shias has increased. The US pulled soldiers out for a time, but was back with the rise of ISIS. Syria was thrown into chaos. It goes on with no end in sight.

Like the old song says: When will they ever learn? Empires do not learn. They eventually collapse. First they rot from the inside. That is probably happening today.

The Khyber Pass Railway

In 1982, the Soviet Army was bogged down in Afghanistan fighting the Mujahadin. The USA was shipping arms and aid to the Mujahadin rebels and anti-Soviet warlords via the Khyber Pass. 

I made a trip up the Khyber Pass from Peshawar to Landi Kotal in the Northwestern Frontier Province in l982 on the Khyber Pass train. The Khyber Pass Railway was built by the British and ran from 1925 till 2007. It ran 51 kilometers from Peshawar to Landi Kotal. There were steam locomotives on both ends of the small train. These engines were HGS-2-8 OS locomotives manufactured by Vulcan Foundry and Kitson and Company in Preston, England. The village of Landi Kotal at the west end of the railway is 1200 meters in altitude. 

I returned to Peshawar by bus.

I scanned some old slides that I took along the pass. Today (2018) the train is not running, but one can go from Peshawar to Landi Kotal by bus up the Khyber Pass. Some local authorities in Peshawar want to restore the railway for tourists purposes, using the old train and classical engines. Hopefully this will be done in future, but security is still a problem due to the war in Afghanistan.

It can be a great adventure, and was quite safe in those days. Unfortunately, it is not the case today. 

A flat plain and Afridi villages west of Peshawar.

A Fort Along the Way

A hillside fort and some villagers

Mountains and a dry riverbed in August


View of the Pass and the road

A village and village children watching the train

A small shrine next to a graveyard

A Graveyard

View of a hilltop fort


A Hilltop Lookout

Landi Kotal at the end of the line

A bus at Muree, a popular hill station



Some Old Pictures of Athens from 1974

The Parthenon (447 BC) on the Acropolis

The Temple of Athena Nike (420 BC)

Greek Orthodox Church

Classic Car

Horse Carriage

Small Shop

Old Couple on the Street

Old Women on a small street

Small Shop

Neighborhood Shop

Horse and Cart


The Collesium

Greek Orthodox Church

Athens had a nice feel to it in the early 1970s that was different from today. And the Greek Drachma made things a lot more affordable. Syntagma Square changed a lot from when one could drink a leisurely Amstel beer under an orange tree next to the Parliament Building on a mild winter day. There were lovely small bars in Glyfada across from the airport.

The European Union changed a lot of things in recent years.



Quiet Town in Central Anatolia

Kutahya Town from the Castle

Hilltop Scenery

The Castle. There is a road up the hill.

Peasant with Horse

The Sardivan (Ablution Fountain) of a Mosque

View of Houses

Old Houses. Some historical.

Old Doors

Building with Ottoman Script

Many structures are collapsing, but cannot be legally demolished. Only restored.

Abandoned House


Turkish Sweets (Turkish Delight or Lokum)

Sweets with Walnuts

A Very Rich Shop

Pet Shop in Town

Small Music Shop


The Town Square showing famous tiles, the backbone of the local economy.

A clean, safe, and colorful Central Anatolian town. One will not find discos.

But a taste of the real Turkey off the beaten tourist tracks.