Chapter Thirty-One: Sand Bar

Candy looked delicious sunbathing in the nude on the white sand bar. Her beautiful young tits were firm, pointing at the sky. Those little hard nipples looked so inviting to Sucker. They made him salivate heavily. Her Venus mount glistened in the sun. She had trimmed her bush short. She let the warm rays of the sun embrace her young body. Her cute girlish face was freckled, her cheeks rosy. The sun relaxed her and aroused her desires. 

Sucker had slipped his clothes off to get some spring sun on his body. The sun was so warm and beautiful that he had almost gone to sleep, forgetting where he was. He felt Candy’s lips kissing and tasting his tits. She slowly swirled her tongue on his small hard nipples. It gave him a tingling feeling between his legs. Her soft hair was falling on his body. He felt his cock getting thicker.

Candy moved her lips down his body and tasted the soft flesh of his stomach and his naval. Her tongue gave him a curiously erotic feeling. He felt her lips kissing his half-swollen cock and then her tongue. She gathered his tender balls in her hand and tasted him as he grew stiff. In a little bit, she had his stiff flagpole throbbing. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his cock as he became aroused. Tasting the lips of his reddened tip, a salty drop of his nectar spilled out on her tongue. Facing his feet, she impaled her soft wet slit on his cock. Earnest squeezed her young fleshy ass as she slowly moved her warm pink papaya up and down his throbbing member. He liked her long brownish hair flowing down her back. He loved all her young flesh. He liked to fuck a woman that way. Young and juicy, she was his precious little girl.

“Candy, Candy, you are nice Candy,” he said. “You are going to get my stuff. Get it good. Right up you, Are you ready? My baby, are you ready?”

“You’re a dirty old man,” she said. “But I started it. I wanted the feel of you inside me. I wanted you to fuck me, Sucker with that big thing. I forget how it feels and want it again. Then when you are inside me, it is just natural. I love it. I never imagined that I would be fucking my professor. A professor with a big fucking cock. Professors are supposed to only be brainy. Maybe you also have brains in your cock.”

“I didn’t imagine that I would be fucking one of my students, either,” Sucker said. “That is, not in the Biblical sense. There are probably several who think I have fucked them when they get their grade. But I haven’t. No, I wouldn’t do that.”

“Like shit,” she said. “I know that those little fascists in your class send you right up the wall when they write those comments about how the US has to get rid of all the Commie leaders around the world. You feel like giving them an F. I bet they don’t get an A.
“Probably not an A if they are that stupid,” Sucker said. “If they think like that bumbling idiot in the White House, Ronald Fucking Reagan. I admit it tears me up to have to give the little bastards even a B. But the truth is, they have just taken a course from Wolfram Warburg and they do not read a word of the material that I assign.”

“Your stuff is quite loaded,” Candy observed. “Except for that fascist screed by some retired CIA spook. But you stepped on your dick when you gave them that to read. But I am not knocking it. Students can learn more in your class more deeply, if they will just come to class, read, and take it seriously.”

“You know what I take seriously?” Sucker said. “Your sweet pink honeycomb. Your sweet little student pussy. Now give me some more candy.”

Sucker mounted her as she lay back on the sand.

“You are so beautiful, Candy. If you were my young wife, I would have your tits swelling with milk right away.”

Sucker took her legs on his shoulders to plunge deeper into her juicy honey sheath.

“Oh you are hot in there, my honey cup. Those cute freckles on your face drive my crazy balls wild. Wild as shit. Your beautiful eyes. My little girl. You are the best thing that happened to me this year. At least the most fun.”  

Candy was moaning her pleasure as she reached a climax. Sucker went for broke and felt himself burst inside her. He savored the ecstasy as his muscles spasms took him with wild jerking motions. “Good, so good, to the last drop, my Candy. I’m giving you everything I have.”

He rolled off as his spent cock wilted. 

“You keep making a lot of crème. You are a juicy man. I am still taking the pills. I hope they work.” Candy said. “Or I will be in deep shit with my parents. They just wouldn’t understand. Of course, they would never imagine that it was a professor that put me in a fix. They would never imagine me getting me knocked up by my professor.”

“They probably don’t know much about professors,” Sucker said. “Times have changed since they went to the university.”

“Sure, but neither of them went to the university,” she said. “I am the first one in my family to go to college. They don’t have a clue what goes on in a university.”

“Probably  a good thing,” Sucker said. 

It was strange how they had ended up on the bank of that small river that Sunday morning in early May. Sucker had come to the campus to work on packing his things up. He thought he would be leaving before long. He had walked a little on campus, over to the big grass field in front of the library. The freshly cut grass had a familiar smell. He had had enough of academia. Now he was ready for the summer. He wanted to air out his brain and his spirit. The spring flowers were blooming in the morning air. He sat down to warm himself in the sun. Then he spotted Candy walking his way.

He quickly moved over to say hello.

“Candy, what are you doing here this morning,” he asked.

She was surprised to see him. She had thought of coming to visit a friend, a guy who lived on the other side of campus. She had met him in class and she found out where he lived. They studied together sometimes. Now the classes were over, she had more time to play around. She thought he might take it a step further that day. She needed a younger boyfriend.

She hesitated at first in answering Sucker, then said, “Oh, just taking a walk. How are you?”

“Not bad,” Sucker said. “I have just about wrapped up my business here in this town, I think. There is only a very slim chance that I am going to get hired for another year here. That is pretty clear. I think it is completely clear. Wolfram Warburg only wants a clone of his fascist self around. So I will surely be leaving soon. Maybe by the end of the week.”

“That’s sad,” she said. “And bad. You are my best professor and I have two more years before I can graduate from here. It will be so different without your classes. And of course, going for pizza and the redneck shit kicking honky-tonks where you took me. That was fun.”

She looked so young and cute that Sucker wanted to embrace her and start kissing her freckled cheeks and her red delicious lips. Her young firm breasts were swelling out inside her bright yellow T-shirt. He decided that he would not let her get away that day. He would have a juicy piece of her candy.

“You were my most fun student,” Sucker said. “I had a good time with you. I don’t want to leave you. We had good times together.”

“I wish you were staying,” she said. “Or at least coming back to teach for another year.”

“We were sort of comrades,” Sucker Said. “We still are.”

“Candy, it is such a nice day. Come with me. I know a lovely spot. We can have a picnic. We can go past the store and get what we need on the way. It will be a fun day. Will you come with me?”    

“Sure, Sucker, it sounds like fun. I would like to,” she said, giving up the idea of seeing the guy she had thought to meet. He will just have to wait, she thought. But if Sucker was not here, she would certainly try to get him.

He took her hand and squeezed it. Oh God! Those tits. They just wouldn’t quit. And no young girl could have a more delicious young ass, he was sure. She was delightful. He could not get her, could not take her with him, being a married man, unless he chucked the marriage and family altogether. Anyway, she was too young. She should have a lot of boys and men before she thought of settling down and getting married. Better yet, if she was smart, she would avoid getting married altogether, he considered. But little cunts like her usually got snapped up pretty easily. Then that was the end of their development, once they got settled down to family life and having kids.

He walked her over to the parking lot near Cottonwood Hall. There, she settled into his small car. God, he liked the way she looked in her new jeans. Denim looked so good on a young girl. Showed how perfect her long legs were. She was a young woman but he also thought of her as a little girl. 

They stopped at Safeway. Due to the Blue Laws, it was not possible to buy beer on a Sunday, or any alcohol. That was the shits but after all, it was a conservative state. They had hung a sign over the beer section. If you are backward, you are  backward, Sucker thought.

They could do OK without it. Sucker picked up some freshly baked French bread. There was salami, cheese, pickles, chips. Some chocolate. Fruit yogurt. It was too hot for ice cream. They avoided soda, taking some pure fruit drinks.

They headed out to the countryside. The spring breezes blew through the open windows of the small car.

“I am thinking,” Candy said. “I learned a lot from you, Sucker. You think differently than the people here. I want to get out of Sewanee to another part of the country. But I think I have to stay till I finish my university degree. I cannot pay out of state tuition.”

“Think about going to graduate school,” Sucker said. “If your grades are good, you can get a good deal at a university in another state. They can give you a tuition waiver and make you a teaching assistant. That way, you can pay for it without much trouble.”

“I really want to be an academic like you and learn, really learn, the deeper meaning, like you have taught us in class. Oh, a lot of those assholes just brushed if off calling you a communist. They are just stupid. Let them stay in Sewanee and watch football. You inspired me to go deep into politics and I realized that the only way is to read, read, read, the way you have encouraged us to do. You made me want to learn.”

“It is good to know that I had at least one real student,” Sucker said. “You have brains and you are also willing to expand your mind and question the things that you have always been taught in life. I am a little old and am married. Otherwise, we might make a good team together. But you will find your way. Try to stay free as long as possible. Don’t get yourself tied down.”

“Yes, I agree,” she said. “I know that I can always find a man when I need one. But to get owned by one would be living death. At least it almost certainly would be. I want to stay free. I want friends like we are.”

“That’s a good idea,” Sucker said. “Work hard and you will be successful. I think the university is not a great university, compared to many others. But it is a place where you can do well and get a good education if you take the opportunity and work hard.”

“But I will get out of here,” Candy said. “I want to live in other parts of the country and even in other countries. Everybody wants to go to Europe. But after your class, I think I would like living in a third world country.”

“You learn a lot from it,” Sucker said, “but sometimes there are fewer opportunities. The Peace Corps used to be good. Maybe there are still some good opportunities but I am not sure.”

They were now driving in a forested area. Sucker turned off at a sign for a camping area. There were some people who were having picnics and had pitched their tents.

Sucker left the car in a parking lot.

They got their picnic foods and set off on a trail. Down off the trail after a quarter mile was a small stream with a wide sandbar. It was relatively hidden, a little sunny cove. Sucker led Candy down to the stream.

“Here it is,” he said. “I found it when I was walking and thought of you. I thought it would be a great place to bring you if I ever got the time and the chance.

A great place to fuck, he had thought.

They set their food down on the sand. Sucker took Candy into his arms and tasted her lips. They he tasted her tongue. She tasted his mouth too. Her soft breast bumpers were young, fecund, and irresistible.

“I think we are alone here, honey,” he said. “It is a gorgeous day and I am feeling like Rousseau’s Noble Savage. At least savage, if not so noble. Sucker took off his shirt and hanged it on a tree. He slipped out of his shoes and socks to feel the warm gritty white sand. Then he stripped his jeans and shorts off too. The noble nude savage. His hanging dick was blowing in the wind. Then he stiffened. Buck up for the spring. Meet it head on.

“I want to feel free, born free,” Sucker said. “Candy was looking at him. His cock had become considerably aroused.

“You should fucking lecture like that,” she said. “You could sure get the students’ attention.”

“And the President’s too,” Sucker said. “But it would be instructive. Actually I would not have a lot to lose at this point.”   

“You will be my noble savage today,” she said. “And I can be yours too.”

“Savage if not noble,” Sucker said.

She slipped her tee-shirt off freeing her young fecund breasts. She was not wearing a bra. Indeed, she did not need one, with her firm young hillocks. Then she got rid of her jeans. She had a cute pair of little red lace panties. She had put them on, thinking that her friend might strip them off and have her and she could see if it was really worth making him a beau.

Sucker was delighted. He didn’t want to wait for her to slip off her lace. He wanted to fuck her right there in her red lace panties. When she sat back against the big old log that had washed up, he pierced into her panties, opening her fruity slit.

“You are full of juicy fruit for your noble savage,” he said. “You are bursting with sweet honey nectar. The noble savage mates with the first young female he find in nature and today I am lucky that it is you. A young female in heat. Are you in heat, Candy, honey? I want to get you in heat.”

He rammed his cock to the hilt in her melted butter.

“Oh Jesus, Jesus, Candy, you are good to fuck. Jesus, I can’t stop. You take me down so easily.” His balls burst rabidly. His strong muscle spasms racked his body as he gave her his seed. His spasms kept coming and coming.

“I came, I came too,” Candy said. “Professor Fucker.”

“Oh fuck, Candy. Oh God, I think I got you good. Good for an A. Oh God, oh God, I never thought it would be so good. That good. I feel completely free like the noble savage. Breeding a young female in nature.”

He felt the spring air on his balls. Still in the nude, they made their lunch and ate their fill. Then they lay down to sun themselves.

It had been a surprise that led to a beautiful Sunday. A refreshing turn in nature. Sucker would remember their mating for a long time. He hoped that it would not be the last time he would see her.    



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