The Business Model

The Business Model

Eddie James Girdner

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The McDonaldization of education is making great strides as private degree-mill universities pop up like poisonous mushrooms all over the small island of Chaos. When Professor Jed Singer’s dean uses a clever trick to get his professorship cancelled and deny him a contract, Singer is forced to seek a position in Chaos. Singer finds Midas Celestial University closer to Folsom Prison than to a real university. He is virtually chained to his desk in the Business Model time-punch factory system. The university is run by a CEO who wields the whip over the faculty forcing them to teach a double load and cleverly cheating them out of part of their salary. Singer’s colleague promises to rescue him from this academic Taylorism to teach at another university which is part of a hotel and casino business. The profitable business model university is clearly the wave of the future. All who resist seem doomed to fail.

Any resemblance to any educational institution in which I have been employed is purely accidental. Pure but perhaps not all that pure.


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