USA and the New Middle East

21yXjdDXYtL._SL160_ An analysis of US policy in the Middle East and the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq. When this book was published in 2008 my criticism of the war was not mainstream. Now Americans have come around to seeing that it was a disaster for the US and the region. Plenty of people understood this, but the neocons in the Bush Government were determined to have the war. Now the air is fill with hypocrisy of politicians saying they would not have gone to war knowing what they know now. That is nonsense. War fever was high. Corporations smelled great profits. America is an empire. Iraq was awash with oil. The press was cheer-leading for the overthrow of Saddam. Not a one of them would have opposed the war. They would have lost their campaign dollars. The historical memory of most Americans is exceedingly short. 

And the USA is still in Iraq, just as I predicted in this book some ten years ago (2018).


  1. Introduction
  2. Operation Iraqi Freedom: Invasion, Occupation and Consolidation of US Hegemony in Iraq
  3. Pre-emptive War: The Case of Iraq
  4. Mother of all Meyhem: Operation Phantom Fury, the Elections, and the Continuing American Morass in Iraq
  5. The Greater Middle East Initiative: Regime Change, Neoliberalism and US Global Hegemony
  6. The US-Israeli Attack on Lebanon: Imperialism, Zionism, and the “New Middle East”
  7. Waste, War and Toxic Imperialism: The Political Economy of Depleted Uranium
  8. War on My Mind
  9. Iraq: US Global Hegemony
  10. Conclusion: US Global Hegemony and the “War on Terrorism”

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